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Timothy L. Vollmer M.D.
Department of Neurology
University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
Co-Director of the RMMSC at Anschutz Medical Center
Medical Director-Rocky Mountain MS Center

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Illness is NOT a Choice

By Ashley Ringstaff

Let me start this off by saying that I’m a bit frustrated…. Because I’ve had some people make comments here and there that imply that I ASKED to get multiple sclerosis. First and foremost, there is NO asking for multiple sclerosis. I don’t know anyone that would ask for  or any other chronic illness. Who in their right mind would do that, let alone IMPLY that we ASKED for it.

It’s for those small-minded people obviously. It’s rude, and no one should EVER insinuate that we asked for this. I didn’t ask to take medications . I didn’t ask to get infusions . I didn’t ask my immune system to attack my Spinal Cord/Brain.

It seems to be that these small-minded people only like to look at things from a certain point of view. That point of view being, having ‘benefits’ with a chronic illness. Now, let me just say that there are NO BENEFITS, except for meeting other patients that are AMAZING people. But to some people, they see certain benefits in having a chronic illness. What is it they see??

Well first off, they see that some are on disability and CANNOT work. Now let me tell you that this is a CAN’T and not a WON’T. Another ‘benefit’ being that we get medications,  muscle relaxers, etc. They also see that we take naps, or sleep a lot… because hey, who doesn’t like napping. But it’s the FATIGUE that we’re talking about here. They aren’t thinking about what’s CAUSING us to sleep more often, but just that we ARE sleeping.

It’s sort of like a 'cause and effect’ theory. Except, these people are BLIND to the CAUSE and are only seeing the EFFECT, no matter how much you try and tell/show them otherwise. Trust me, I’ve tried to tell/show these people that it’s not something that I WANT to have, but they don’t see it that way. It’s almost like they are treating me like I’m ‘faking it’ to do what I  when I want to. Which couldn’t be farther from the truth.

So, if you know of someone that is small-minded and has  of what I’ve listed about. Let them know this….

While you might see us sleeping a lot, or napping a lot… what you didn’t see is that the pain kept us up all night, with no relief in sight. While you might see us taking medications to help ease the symptoms, what you aren’t seeing is the side-effects of these medications… you also don’t see that these medications don’t make the symptom go away 100%. While you might see us using a handicapped-parking placard and compare it to a ‘valet’… what you didn’t see is us struggling to even get out of the house to get where we are going.

I could probably continue that list for a LONG time… but I think I’ve painted a good picture thus far.

So if you want to keep going through difference scenarios, it all leads down to this…

While you see all these so called ‘benefits’ … what you DIDN’T see is the COST that comes with all of it. So instead of trying to just summarize it all, I want you to take a look at some information I found from Rocky Mountain MS Center Website.

Story Source: The above story is based on materials provided by MULTIPLESCLEROSIS.NET
Note: Materials may be edited for content and length


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